SmartXide Tetra CO2

Laser Treatment

Tetra is a CO2 laser that offers fully customizable skin resurfacing treatments that eliminate signs of aging like wrinkles, sun spots, uneven texture, and age spots for dramatically smoother, brighter, younger-looking skin.

How does the Tetra work?

Tetra CO2 encourages the regeneration of healthy skin by removing the top layers of damaged skin tissue. Tetra is a CO2 laser successfully used to treat scarring, age spots, deeper facial lines, and other textural defects. For long-lasting advantages, new collagen is created, and elastin is tightened.

Tetra improves the following conditions:

What makes the Tetra laser so special?

Since it has more operational settings, the Tetra is one of the newest and most cutting-edge CO2 technologies on the market. This allows Saintly Skin to tailor the laser energy’s intensity, depth, and shape precisely. Because of its unequaled adaptability, treatments are more consistent and accurate, maximizing results and reducing side effects and unneeded downtime.

"The Tetra CO2 laser treatment service at Saintly Skin greatly improved my age and sun spots and gave me an overall refreshed look. I am very pleased with my results!"
Age 41

When will I see results?

After your Tetra CO2 treatment, results and recovery time depend on how you are treated. To find out when you will see your desired results and how much recovery time you might anticipate, speak with a Saintly Skin representative.

Who is a prime candidate for a Tetra treatment?

Your Saintly Skin professional can tailor your Tetra therapy to the unique requirements of your skin. With a week or two of social downtime, the Tetra may perform an intensive procedure to repair deeper lines and wrinkles. If you do not want downtime, you can opt for a gentler CoolPeel® laser peel procedure to rejuvenate the skin with little to no downtime.