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Dive into a world of glamour at our Barbie-styled extravaganza from August 16th through 18th at Saintly Skin! Amidst a feast of treats and sparkling champagne, you’ll have the opportunity to win incredible prizes with every beauty service you enjoy. Learn timeless beauty secrets from our skilled estheticians and nurse practitioners, and discover how to maintain that youthful, radiant Barbie glow. Immerse yourself in a pink-hued paradise of beauty and fun, where every moment promises to leave you feeling fabulous! We can't wait to welcome you.

Step into our dollhouse! This August 16th through 18th, Saintly Skin invites you to our sensational Barbie-styled extravaganza. Make your days sparkle with delight as you mingle amidst a feast of mouth-watering treats, refreshing drinks, and toasting glasses of bubbly champagne.

But that’s not all! Your ticket to this dreamy, three-day event is more than just a gateway to fun — it’s also a golden raffle ticket. When you pamper yourself with any of our Barbie-inspired services during the event, you’ll receive raffle tickets that could unlock magical surprises from our array of splendid giveaways.

Eager to age like a Barbie — forever young and radiant? Our skilled estheticians and nurse practitioners are ready to share their beauty secrets. Discover the tools and techniques that keep Barbie’s skin forever flawless, and learn how to maintain a healthy, energized appearance that’ll turn heads.

Join us in our pink-hued paradise for an experience that will leave you feeling fabulous. Be it your love for beauty, a quest for knowledge, or a penchant for winning; our Barbie-styled event promises to satisfy all your desires. We can’t wait to see you there!

To gain access to specials, a ticket is required. There is a limited supply available.

Barbie Party Specials

Barbie Party Specials August 2023 | Saintly Skin

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